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Meet The Designer

My name is Jackie Riley. I have over fourteen years of experience in the decorating and design business. I discovered my passion for design in my own home – changing paint colors, furniture placement, and decorating styles. Soon, I branched out to homes and businesses of friends and family.

With the help of my husband, Mike, I decided to devote myself full-time to interior decorating and design. With each new space I create, I discover a unique excitement for this business.

Originally from Southern Arkansas, I am a graduate of the Tom Chandler School of Interior Decorating, located in Little Rock. Soon after graduating, I began to work with clients in Northwest Arkansas and Dallas, Texas, where our four children reside.

Eventually, continued requests to take on new clients convinced my husband and I to relocate. We decided to move to Rogers, Arkansas and are now able to focus on our clients in this area.

Specializing in private residence, I consider each of my clients’ spaces to be unique. I attempt to approach each individually with regard to lifestyle, budget, and use of space. My clients are my greatest asset in determining the outcome of their design project. My goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing sense of suitability, quality and comfort while capturing the architectural elements. I want each home to reflect its owner’s unique lifestyle, not just today’s trends.

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