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Welcome to Innovative Interiors

We are located in Rogers, Arkansas, and focus on enhancing the beauty and livability of our clients’ personal residences. There is nothing more personal, yet more public, than your home. We all want our homes to be comfortable, but aesthetically pleasing for our guests. We can help you obtain that perfect balance while creating your own personal style.

Our services may begin with taking the things you already have within your home and changing the arrangement of furniture, art, and accessories. This simplest of changes can make an entire room feel different. This service is particularly helpful when you’re getting ready to sell your residence and make it more pleasing to that prospective buyer.By going a step further, we can change paint colors, add a few key items, and drastically change the entire style and functionality of your home. Either way, our client’s excitement in a fresh and new look that is perfect for them gives us a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Contact us for a free consultation. Let’s discuss what we can do to help your home become even more beautiful than it is now.

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